I’m Back!

   Hello, my fellow humanoids!

        Welcome back, I’m Rasia and these are my rants. Okay, I confess: I have no reason for my abrupt discontinuation of my previous topic except for the fact that I was no longer feeling it and I, as an individual, have as much right to change my mind. Also, I will not be posting on a schedule; I may wait a week, a few days, a few hours, a few weeks until inspiration strikes.

      Today, I want to talk about discovery. Discovery, like everything else in the world, is very easy to some and fairly difficult to others; there will be a fear of disapproval or rejection despite whichever face of confidence one wears. Everyone is odd compared to each other; no one looks, acts, or thinks exactly alike so don’t be afraid to possess and present a brilliant idea, don’t be afraid to wear that vintage necklace from that thrift shop down the street (I love thrift shopping so much!).  In an alternate universe, I’m sure there is some destruction in a planet where everyone is a clone of each other in a physical and mental state. Whereas, in this century, media connects, music plays out conversations, animals chat and even dance. Discovery of oneself is the result of following your intution and your heart and experimenting new places, new foods, new friends, and new ideas of art, culture, and beauty. Overall, the main component to enjoying a happy life is to trust in the Universe to take care of you and in the goodness of humanity, fore a positive thought ends in a blessing. Alright, keep you posted!

Until next time,



Point A to Point B

It’s those times when you realize you can’t change anyone, even when you wanted to but knew you shouldn’t. It happens when you realize your “friends” are not as true to you as you are to them and you can’t really complain because you saw it coming when you truly saw the colors they represent. Hello, my dears, this is Rasia, these are my rants and you are in a for an interesting topic: the acceptance of what cannot be controlled. I, for one, have had a problem with this for the past few days or so, whether it’s my hormones acting up or a vicious action beyond my sight. It happens to everyone and by everyone, I mean those who lack peace in their life. Personally, I find peace in my own solace, my own presence, and my own energy simply because if I infuse it with a negative energy, my spirit will not be lifted and my own being is not truly known. Think about that one time when someone did or said something that wounded your confidence; you don’t know how to react because you’re too nice of a person to be as rude but you’re also strong enough to demand the respect that should be reciprocated. In a way, it resembles to driving, you either have to be ahead, behind, but never next to another; however, the standards for the streets still request respect and consideration for the vehicles that surround you. More than often, the accidents and crashes occur simply because one driver behind the wheel is too stubborn to slow down and watch around or the driver is too generous to get in anyone’s path. The fact is that things happen and what others do are out of anyone’s control but their own; however you have the power of reaction. By this, you can either shrink down to the size of a crude troublemaker or you can rise above and slightly brush off the dirt that once disrespected and excluded you for their own insecurity. You don’t deserve the dirt poured over you just because some favor it more than your sprinkle of generosity. Honestly, you will meet people who you care about themselves more than they care about you but if you have the heart to care for others the way you do, you have the power to accomplish and fulfill everything you set your mind to. Remember, those who mind won’t matter and those who matter won’t mind. Also, your presence is a virtue, you deserve to be treated with appreciation for your kindred spirit. As always, come back next Wednesday and feel free to like, comment and share this. Please remember, I’m not trying to alter the world by a thousand steps; I’ll just take it one character at a time.


Hello everyone,
I’m Rasia and these are my rants. Every right is learned from wrong, and every wrong is learned by what’s right, right? In a way, that relates to friendships as well. You learn your real friends from the liars, and you see the liars through the honesty of true friends. I, for one, have gone through miniseries of, dare I say, false friendships. I’ve been talked about and even slapped with a lie to my face; other friendships have gone through my own faults, which I openly admit my immaturity at the time. My belief is if someone ever makes you doubt yourself even for a split second, you don’t need them in your life. Life itself is an obstacle some must find the strength to go through and the people you choose as your associates either guide you to grow or drown. If you have friends who appear to have a happy life yet end up finding flaws in others, then it’s most likely that they don’t seem to appreciate or like their life as they claim. If you have a friend who compliments one moment then changes it as an insult around others, then they don’t deserve such a good and honest person you are. Think of yourself as a garden; full and healthy grass and plants with strong roots and a bright, beautiful sun or dirt patches every two inches and dead flowers and trees, whispering the next person’s fault in the black wind which hides the sun. You choose who you are, what you deserve, what you accept, and whether you grow or not. Everything you are, do and say is left for you to decide, no matter what others say. So stay honest, stay beautiful, stay strong, and stay you. See you next week for another one of my silly rants and feel free to share, like and comment, okay? Remember, I don’t mean to guide with a thousand steps; I only want to change the world one letter at a time.

Forgive and Forget?

Hello mystical creations,

I want to start this post off by confessing how grateful and blessed I am that my best friend is okay. She got hit in the jaw and took it like a sobbing man! I honestly don’t know how long I could’ve gone without her being a creep. Stay strong, Julia and know that I do appreciate you. Continuing with this event and a few other incidents, the topic I will rant about is forgiveness. I hate those quotes that get passed down with misconception, such as “Forgive, but not forget”. Honestly, the feelings are hard to forget and if you keep letting those get in the way, you will never forgive. You never truly forgive until you can appreciate the current motions and forget the pain in the past. I understand forgiving friends may be easy to some and difficult to others but I also know a bitterness towards other people holds you back from the good things that surround you. I’ve experienced myself how is it to hold a grudge and it feels horrible. How are you supposed to grow if you let such pity barriers contain you? The best thing is to move on for yourself and accept what you can’t change. Most importantly, forgiveness for yourself is a necessity if you want to live a happy life. You can’t let yourself be ashamed or guilty for something you did numerous days, weeks, months, years ago; it’s not helpful or enlightening. I’ve had first hand experiences with my own best friend when we had petty arguments and threats to our friendship; but at the end of the day, if you truly care about the person, you should apologize, no matter how right or hard-headed you are. I, for one, always apologize because I’d rather be the bigger person, admit my wrongdoings, and move on. Please take these words into consideration and know great things come when you let go of the bad. Alright, I hope you all enjoy this post and share it. If you have an opinion or question, feel free to comment! Remember, I just want to change the world one character at a time.

Tame the Eagle

Hello mystical creatures,

I’ve recently been through a lot of stress and I started thinking about the various ways to control it and I found the answer in my walk: Balance. What is ying without yang? What is dawn without twilight? What is life without balance? Balance, there’s nothing like it and there’s nothing better. How can you find it? Here’s how: do what makes you happy! Sure, people can stop you from doing so but no one can take away the pleasure. I’ve experienced first hand how habits affect your mood. When you’re forced and complain about ‘having to’ then it’ll seem like a drag but when you choose to do something, such as a choice, you’ll be more than willing. It all depends on how you see the world, how you see the situation; your attitude reflects off your effort. It’s all up to you and how you handle what comes to you because whether you accept the situations as they are or not, you’ll still have to handle it. Everything you do,  with or without emotion, is left for you to act with; so be passionate! Do everything and feel everything! If you’re going to live life like a zombie, you won’t see any meaning in your life and you won’t have any productivity whatsoever. So be passionate, be productive! Use your emotions and mind to motivate because you have those for a reason, that reason is to be found when you use them. Have a great week, a great life and a great attitude and do what makes you happy and fulfilled. Come back next week after you share and comment (for your own enjoyment, of course) . As always, I’m not looking to demonstrate a thousand steps to alter the world, I just want to change the world one step at a time.

P. S. shout out to my best friend who’s stuck by me since 8th grade and is celebrating her 17th birthday tomorrow! Thanks for accepting me and all the great memories. Thank you for making me laugh when I didn’t want to and thanks for dealing with my mood swings, you’re truly the best friend any Scorpio can have!

Fate favors the Bold

Hello wonderful people,

Welcome and thank you for returning to another one of my rants. Now, I want to start off this post with a story. As a child, I’ve always adored pink: pink toes, pink shirt, pink socks, pink walls, pink binders, pink polish, pink hair, pink lips, pink lipsticks, pink candy, everything pink. The way I saw it, it was more gentle than red but as striking as blue, it was beyond white yet bright as orange. Although it was different, it was equal. Despite being equal, it was still discriminated as a girl color and blue for boys. Just like it has its own status on gender, it has its own representation as well: love. For representing the emotion, it did not receive much of it as boys prefer blue and girls prefer boys. Everything and everyone has their own qualities, their own representations, their own goals and purposes. Some understand it more than most, some notice it more than most. Say you’re given a beauty mark on a random place such as your nose, or your arm, both of which you’ve never noticed before someone pointed it out to you. Those beauty marks are beautiful and everyone has them somewhere, everything has them somewhere. So to say, everything is beautiful and everyone is beautiful in their own differences. I admire pink for being gentle but I enjoy red for being bold; what does that say about me? God knows but from my own curiosity, I’ll figure it out. Life is like that; if you have a question, an answer will come when you look within yourself and discover what you hadn’t before. Everyone has their own colors, including you, the reader. Take each day and just a little time for yourself to find yours. The world is beautiful and you are its wanderer. Be proud of yourself, how long you’ve lived and how far you’ve came. We all have our adventures, our bumps but you have the answers, you have the wishes, and you have the ability to achieve and reach those goals, I promise and believe that. The first step to accepting yourself is doing what makes you happy, enjoying your own hobbies and interests, and generally, being who you are. No one can be a better You than you. I hope you enjoy today’s thoughts of mine and return next Wednesday. Remember, you are amazing and nothing and no one can change that. I’m not looking to alter the world by a thousand steps, I just want to change the world one character at a time.

Bullies or Victims?

Hey guys!

Welcome to another round of the Acceptance Movement. Today’s subject will be…(drum roll please) bullies. I know some people tend to blame others for insensitive comments, insults, and other forms of negativity but in all generality, bullies are victims too. They’ve experienced physical, emotional, or verbal pain as much as anybody else; however, they sometimes don’t know to stop despite knowing it is wrong. I’m sure it is no secret that backgrounds really do define a person, whether it is happy and musical or violent and manipulative. These victims turned bullies may be outsiders, trying whatever they can to fit in but are always considered ‘different’. Honestly, it is not all their fault; bullies are hardly treated right or hardly know how to treat kindly. They also hardly see the chance to change and take the chance to take it. I believe once you open yourself to that, it’s not just your life that changes but also your attitude and perspective. Not everyone adapts or learns the same way but I think if everyone can just accept one another, we can accept ourselves and free all insecurity and fear. This movement is not just about accepting ourselves but also accepting others and creating a positive energy to spread across the world and into our souls. New experiences amd new people may come your way and alter your life for the better. Just accept yourself and everything and everyone around you and you will find what you hadn’t before. Okay, that’s all for Rasia’s Rant and I hope you all have a great day. Come back next week and feel free to share and comment! Remember, I’m not looking to alter the world by a thousand steps; I just want to change the world one character at a time.